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The Company has been working hard to ensure all financials, disclosures, corporate information and other required information on both EDGAR and OTC Markets are current and up to date. The Company is building on its continued success to up list to higher exchanges as soon as possible.

Jay Maull - GEMXX President and CEO

A Unique Opportunity 
in Rare Gemstones

GEMXX Corp. (GEMZ) is a mine-to-market gold, gemstone and jewelry producer specializing in the extremely rare gemstone, Ammolite. The gem’s value has increased more than 300% over the past 20 years and GEMXX has more than $600M in ammolite reserves and $200M in gold reserves, ready for market applications.

We are now in a position to recapture the previously shuttered industry and expand to new markets as the world re-opens.

Jay Maull - GEMXX President and CEO

Performance Under Pressure

a message from management

GEMXX is the ONLY publicly traded Ammolite company in the world and is helmed by a leadership team with over 160 years of combined experience. During the difficulties faced during the pandemic, the company truly proved what dedication and sound management can do. While competitors had to ultimately scale down or restructure, GEMXX was able to double its production volume to meet demand, while continuing to grow operations, and remain cash flow positive. 

This is an exciting opportunity to become an investor in a rare product with increasing demand, with a company dedicated to growing across multiple markets, owning every step of production.


Diamonds may be forever, but Ammolite is for RIGHT NOW.

A Shiny Investment 

01. Mining

On top of the 800 acres already in the company’s resource portfolio, GEMXX recently acquired an additional 217 acres of gem-bearing property in Alberta, Canada. Mining is where the company focuses many of its proudest ESG efforts, applying safe, efficient, and sustainable practices.

02. Jewelry Design

GEMXX works with world-renowned jewelry designers to maximize opportunities for creating popular and extremely desirable jewelry.

03. Production

The company produces 100% of its own products. Its five-year plan includes acquisitions for essential jewelry resources like gold and silver, granting greater control for reducing production costs.

GEMXX is Poised for Growth!
Progressing Through 2025 and Beyond

What makes GEMXX special? Aside from working with one of the rarest gemstones on the planet — one in which the Company owns a substantial amount of gemstone-bearing land in the only region it can be found —GEMXX future includes reaching full vertical integration.


This means from gemstone extraction to jewelry sales and even global marketing, the company is maximizing reach, growth, value, and profitability at every step of the process.

Key Investment Considerations

Operating with (and Controlling) an Appreciating Asset

Ammolite, a rare, opal-like gemstone is the backbone of the company. It is a finite resource and tends to appreciate in value on the jewelry and gemstones markets, seeing more than 300% increase in two decades.

Strong Year Over Year Financials

As of January 2023, Net Income increased to $126,360.00, compared to a loss of $613,173.00 in the same Quarter the previous year. Total Long-Term liabilities have been reduced to $0.00, and total Assets have increased year over year by $1,281,484 to $18,068,909.00.

Aspirational Management Team

GEMXX’s management team experts has deep expertise in their fields. Aside from the aggregate decades of jewelry industry and business management experience, the company is led by individuals with world-class knowledge of Ammolite, Ammolite cutting, jewelry manufacturing and distribution. 

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