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GEMXX intends to grow its market share by expansion of existing markets, opening new markets and by acquisition.  

Richard Clowater, VP


Shareholder Information

Public Listing:  Ticker – GEMZ OTC USA 

Transfer Agent: NATCO

Independent Reserves Engineers: Sproule Resources Limited, Engineering Consultants, Calgary, Alberta 

Auditor: Michael Gillespie, CPA, Seattle, WA USA

Authorized Shares:  1,975,000,000

Issued & Outstanding Shares:   100,414,932

Restricted Shares:  100,288,156

Unrestricted Shares:  126,776

Market Cap: (March 30, 2022) $113,584,701

A diverse mine to market gemstone and jewelry company with global reach that owns mining resources, production and operating assets allowing it to control each stage of its production including gemstone production,  jewelry manufacturing and global distribution.


Strategic Business

Leveraging Operations

Increase Revenues

GEMXX is committed to increasing sustainable value for its shareholders by:​
  • Adopting vertically integrated activities from gemstone and mineral extraction through worldwide wholesale and retail jewelry distribution. 

  • Leveraging established relationships with operations around the world to capitalize on lower production costs.

  • Maintaning an ability to quickly scale GEMXX’s operations to meet the world demand of Ammolite.

  • Capitalize on our strategic business relationships to ensure the company maintains its existing market share while securing new business as it emerges.

  • Acquiring operating suppliers of the raw materials GEMXX uses to produce finished products such as gold, silver and other precious and semi-precious gemstones.

  • Open GEMXX Branded retail locations in select, strong Ammolite selling markets which will allow the company to capture a larger portion of the retail selling price of our products.

  • GEMXX will further increase revenues through a growth-by-acquisition campaign. 

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