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The company’s main Ammolite resources are located in three separate blocks in Southern Alberta, Canada. Resource experts Sproule Associates Limited were engaged to prepare a NI 43-101 Resource Report on the company's Northern property. To date Sproule has identified more than 9,700 gem bearing concretions on this one property. 


Exploration is always an ongoing part of GEMXX operations; that is why the company recently acquired an additional 217 acres (two additional blocks) of gem bearing property in Southern Alberta, Canada. To date the company has drilled three core samples on the southern properties, proving the existence of two Gem-bearing shale formations.


Further exploration on these two southern blocks will include test pits and trenching to measure the recovery rate of gemstone per cubic yard of gem bearing shale.  The two Gem-bearing shale formations found on this property are known as 3B and Zone 4. Zone 3B is known for producing gem quality Ammonites and free form Ammolite gemstones, while Zone 4 produces the highest grade Ammolite gemstone and Collector Ammonite fossils found anywhere in the world. 

Reserves & Production

“The company has identified over 9700 gem bearing concretions on its North Block”

Jay Maull, CEO


GEMXX has acquired 50% of Crazy Horse Mining Inc. ("CHMI"), including its mineral assets located in British Columbia, Canada.  CHMI’s principal Canadian gold exploration assets include the Snow Creek and Rosella Creek projects, as well as additional options on mining claims located in British Columbia. The Snow Creek project includes 498 acres with approximately 80% being mineable and the Rosella Creek project includes 240 acres with an estimated 90% being mineable. Three (3) initial one hundred cubic yard (100 yd3) test runs have been completed on the Snow Creek project and returned results of 1.07, 1.08 and 1.12 ounces respectfully. The Snow Creek project contains well defined mineral resources with a 0.94:1 overburden to pay ore ratio.

Crazy Horse Mining Inc. is a Canadian Junior resource company with mining properties in British Columbia, Canada. CHMI’s 498-acre Snow Creek claim is located adjacent to the infamous Christie’s Lead gold deposit which in 1876 was described as “the richest piece of ground in the Cassier gold fields”. The 240-acre Rosella Creek property has had limited exploration work completed to date; however, it is reported the adjacent property produces 200+ ounces per season with a small single operator operation. CHMI is looking forward to doing further testing on the Rosella Creek property during the 2023 season.

"The acquisition of the Snow Creek and Rosella Creek gold asset portfolio enhances the Company’s long-term asset expansion plan and helps to de-risk revenues, but most importantly, it complements our Ammolite production with the world’s most sought-after commodity. This will provide GEMXX with a significant reduction in the cost of goods for our entire gold jewelry product line and will bring the Company one step closer to our goal of becoming vertically integrated" said Jay Maull, GEMXX’s Chief Executive Officer. “To date, there have been 33 test holes drilled and three separate one hundred cubic yard (100 yd3) bulk tests.  From our initial testing, indications are that the properties could yield over 100,000 ounces of easily recoverable gold, which will be verified by an S-K 1300 compliant Resource Report this summer." added Mr. Maull.


On top of the 800 acres already in the Company’s resource portfolio, GEMXX recently acquired an additional 217 acres of gem-bearing property in Alberta, Canada. The Southern Blocks are two high-grade, low-cost, long-life assets.


To date, three core samples have been drilled on the southern properties, proving the existence of two gem-bearing shale formations. The initial core samples coupled with management’s intimate knowledge of historic mines on adjacent properties, give confidence this site may be one of the best Ammolite mines in the world.


Development of the Southern Blocks will provide GEMXX with a platform for growth in new, plus established markets, allowing the Company to keep up with the global demand for its products.  This site alone gives GEMXX the potential to become a significant Ammolite producer of scale with an estimated 50 years of production.

Upon completion of the National Instrument 43-101 on the Company’s Southern Blocks, Management forecasts the NPV of the Company’s assets to increase at least three-fold (3X).  The Company is dedicated to growing across multiple markets, owning or controlling every step of production.


GEMXX is building a unique global Ammolite exchange and making exceptional progress in the industry. We have people from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds on our team, including business professionals, financial experts, jewelry designers, marketing and sales specialists, engineers, and various trades. We aspire to create a comfortable and safe work environment that professionals can trust and enjoy. As our operations continue to grow we are looking for qualified candidates who are reliable, work with integrity, aspire to grow with the company and work towards a common corporate goal. Surround yourself with other like-minded professionals, GEMXX is interested in hearing from you.


GEMXX is expanding rapidly and is now acccepting applications for the following positions. 

- Vancouver and Area Sales Representative

- North American based Ammonite fossil Sales Representative

- Central USA Sales Representative

- Western USA Sales Representative

- India based Sales Representative

- Europe based Sales Representative


Please Submit CV with cover letter addressed to  Attention: Human Resources

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