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GEMXX is focused on identifying and developing North and South American resources including gold, gemstone,  and energy deposits. 

Continual exploration is a fundamental aspect of GEMXX's operations, which is why the company recently announced the intention to acquire gold properties in the Yukon with an estimated 4 million ounces of gold.

GEMXX through a Private Equity investment in Latin America's oil and gas exploration sector, GEMXX has a vision of capitalizing on untapped potential and emerging opportunities, GEMXX specializes in identifying and executing projects with the potential for extraordinary returns.

Led by a team of seasoned experts with decades of collective experience in the energy industry, GEMXX leverages cutting-edge technology, strategic partnerships, and rigorous market analysis to pinpoint lucrative ventures in Latin America's dynamic energy landscape.

Central to GEMXX's mission is its commitment to investing in overlooked, low-cost high-return oil and gas exploration projects. By meticulously assessing geological data, geopolitical factors, and market trends, GEMXX identifies regions with the greatest potential for significant undiscovered reserves and optimal extraction conditions.

Latin America, with its rich natural resources and up-and-coming energy market, serves as a prime arena for GEMXX's ambitious endeavors.


In September GEMXX announced it had entered into a Letter of Intent to acquire an initial 50% stake in the Yukon Gold Project, pending the conclusion of due diligence and verification of the considerable exploration work already completed on the property and the assessments quantifying the proven and potential reserves of 4 million ounces of gold being present on the property. 


Our newest investment is in Latin Energy Partners ("LEP") is actively exploring two basins across two Latin American countries, with estimates indicating a potential of over 1 billion barrels of recoverable oil. Our investment secures 40% of production from the first four wells and 40% of future production from 10,000 hectares surrounding the well heads. 

Latin America has massive hydrocarbon resource potential with big, rich, proven, underexplored and underdeveloped basins. Latin America remains largely uncharted in hydrocarbon exploration, yet recent studies suggest considerable untapped potential. The Chaco and Parana basins, characterized by extensive sedimentary deposits, are prime candidates for successful petroleum systems.


Our seismic and geological data reassessing indicates promising indicators for hydrocarbon deposits, including source rocks, reservoirs, seals, and traps.

Initial exploration of the two target basins confirmed several kilometers of sedimentary fill with strong potential for accommodating successful, conventional oil and gas petroleum systems.


There are six obligatory elements to successful petroleum systems, of which four have been confirmed in these basins: namely Structure, Reservoir, Source, and Seal.

The remaining two, Charge and Timing, are yet to be confirmed, but initial exploration drilling across the basins has demonstrated considerable promise in confirming these two factors as well.

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